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Best Best Co. began as a conversation between two unlikely friends who dreamed about creating an inspirational brand to encourage themselves and others to always keep a positive mindset. We knew we wanted to find a way to help generate a larger conversation around mental health issues that resonate so deeply with us personally, as well as with countless others. We also knew we wanted to directly support and collaborate with those organizations within the mental health community who work so hard to inspire change and make a difference for those in need.


Our brand is about learning to acknowledge and harness the positive energy that’s generated when we strive to become the best, best versions of ourselves. It’s about building a community of like-minded individuals who recognize that collectively we are strong. And, it serves as a constant reminder to allow ourselves to take time to pause, reflect, find our positive, and continue on.

Best Best Co. is dedicated to keeping the conversation around mental health open and accessible to all. That's why 10% of profits go directly to NAMI Rochester to help support mental health services. Together, we can and will make a difference.


Best Best Co’s “mindful pause” logo utilizes two familiar typographic elements – a parenthesis and a semicolon – as both visual shorthand and as a reminder to always stay positive. 


Just as a parenthesis represents an additional thought or comment within a sentence, it also signifies a moment of self-reflection – an aside or affirmation to ourselves, from ourselves, within the otherwise hectic context of our daily lives. A safe, familiar place where we can make sense of it all without distraction. 


The semicolon has a well-known meaning of hope and survival within the world of mental health and represents both a pause and a continuation. It too is both a testament to the power of positive self-reflection and a visual representation that our story is not over yet and that we are the best one to tell it. 


Taken together, these two elements serve as a powerful reminder to all of us to simply pause, reflect, find your positive, and continue. 



We're extremely proud to have NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) Rochester as our primary donation recipient. For every purchase of our socially-mindful products and apparel, we donate 10% of the profits directly to NAMI Rochester to help support their vision of a world where the stigma surrounding mental health is no longer a barrier to treatment, support is readily available and mental illness is universally accepted as a treatable medical condition.     


NAMI Rochester's mission is to provide support, education and advocacy to individuals and families of all cultural backgrounds who are living with mental illness.

By supporting NAMI Rochester, we are enabling support groups, educational opportunities, and
advocating for mental health to be given the same attention, funding, and respect as any other
medical condition. For too long, mental health has been stigmatized and neglected. It's time for a mental health revolution.

If you need support, check out NAMI Roc's trusted resources page. You are not alone.

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